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Meeting Update & FAQ

NESS Annual Meeting Update
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessity of creating the safest learning experience, this year’s NESS Annual Meeting program that was to take place in person at Gurney’s Newport in Rhode Island, will now be held virtually. The NESS Virtual Annual Meeting will be held over two half days on October 23 & 24, 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions
We have answered the most pressing questions below; if you have further questions or would like more information, please contact the NESS.

What happens if I was scheduled to present and/or discuss an abstract?
Abstract presentations will be included in the new virtual format. All authors whose abstracts were accepted for presentation will be contacted directly with information about the new format as well as the manuscript submission/publication process.

What will happen with NESS business conducted at the Annual Meeting?

How is the NESS managing the participation requirement for Active members?
The Executive Committee has agreed to grant all Active members one additional year to fulfil the By-Laws’ participation requirement as follows:
"Any Active member who fails to actively participate in the Society for three years shall be automatically dropped from the membership. Active participation can be met by: 1) attendance at an annual meeting; 2) inclusion as an author of an abstract submitted for consideration for presentation at the annual meeting; 3) attendance at a Spring Resident research forum; 4) inclusion as an author of an abstract submitted for consideration for presentation at a Spring Resident research forum; or 5) participation in committees and/or performance of official business sanctioned by the Executive Committee."
The NESS understands the circumstances, genuinely values your continued membership in the Society, and hopes that you plan to attend future NESS events. Since its founding, the Society has always recognized that one of the advantages of membership is social interaction among colleagues with the chance to "swap" experience, opinion, as well as the latest news of friends.

How can I support the NESS during this time?
Please ensure that your NESS dues are up to date, and consider making a donation to the NESS Scholars Foundation —equivalent to an Early Bird registration fee ($445 for Active and Senior members) or in any amount. You may check your dues status and make a contribution by logging into the NESS Members Only Area.