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New England Surgical Society

2019 2020


Walter E. Longo, MD, New Haven, Connecticut

Anne C. Larkin, MD, Worcester, Massachusetts

Vice President
Victor E. Pricolo, MD, New Bedford, Massachusetts

James Whiting, MD, Portland, Maine

Peter J. Mazzaglia, MD, Providence, Rhode Island

Kari Rosenkranz, MD, Lebanon, New Hampshire

Past President
Richard J. Barth, Jr, MD, Lebanon, NH

REPRESENTATIVES (with Dates of Retirement)

Edward C. Borrazzo, MD (Vermont, 2020)
Jeffrey L. Cohen, MD (Connecticut, 2021)
Giles F. Whalen, MD (Massachusetts, 2022)
Brent C. White, MD (New Hampshire, 2022)
M. Parker Roberts, III, MD (Maine, 2023)
Marlene Cutitar, MD (Rhode Island, 2024)

Representative to the American Board of Surgery
Anne C. Larkin, MD (2024)

Representative to the American College of Surgeons,
Board of Governors

David L. Berger, MD (2022)

Representative to the American College of Surgeons,
Advisory Council for General Surgery

Edward C. Borrazzo, MD (2022)