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Randomized Trial Comparing Standard Ferguson Technique with the EnSeal Device During Hemorrhoidectomy
*Manpreet S Grewal, Steven Schechter
Rhode Island Colorectal Clinic, Pawtucket, RI

To evaluate the efficacy and morbidity of a hemorrhoidectomy using the EnSeal energy device in comparison to a standard Ferguson hemorrhoidectomy.
Randomized Control Trial.
High volume community based Colorectal Surgery practice.
Adults (age 18-80) that presented to an outpatient clinic with the combination of external and symptomatic grade 3 or 4 internal hemorrhoids. All were offered admission to our IRB approved study. Of the 60 patients meeting eligibility criterion, 35 accepted.
The control group underwent a standard Ferguson closed hemorrhoidectomy. The intervention group underwent excision and sealing of the external and internal hemorrhoidal cushions with the EnSeal device.
Main Outcome Measures:
Primary outcomes included operative time, time for return to normal activities, duration of narcotic use, and time to complete wound healing.
Operative time was significantly lower in the EnSeal group (22 minutes vs. 32 minutes. P = <0.0001). There was no significant difference between the EnSeal hemorrhoidectomy group and the control group in the median days for return to normal activity (16 vs. 15. P = 0.97), the median days of narcotic utilization (10 vs. 6. P = 0.2), or the median days to complete wound healing (81 vs. 91. P = 0.81).
Hemorrhoidectomy using the EnSeal device appears to provide some benefit in reduction of operative time without compromising patient comfort and wound healing.

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